Carestream digital x-ray system installed at remote Antarctic research station

A Carestream digital x-ray system has been installed at the Italian-French Concordia station in Antarctica, on a 10,500-foot mountain 620 miles from the coast. The station was first built to support the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica, but it became a permanent research station back in 2005.

The system, a Carestream DRX-Transportable System/Lite, will help the approximately 80 scientists who stay at the station with capturing x-rays that help with the treatment of broken bones, hypothermia and other injuries and sicknesses. Images are transmitted to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome when the station’s physicians need to consult with a specialist.

“In a hostile and unforgiving environment, this digital X-ray system is a great help for our expedition," Fabio Catalano, a medical consultant to the facility, said in a prepared statement. “The DRX-Transportable System/Lite has proven to be fully able to meet our needs especially in emergency situations. We appreciate its intuitive user interface and ease of use.”