Connecticut radiologist writes novel about breast cancer diagnosis

Heather Frimmer, MD, a Connecticut-based breast and emergency room radiologist sought to “do something a little more creative” and forayed into writing a novel that highlights an important topic she manages at her day job: cancer diagnosis.

Upon completion of an introductory fiction writing class, she wrote and finished her manuscript, titled “Bedside Manners,” in three years. The book is about a young doctor who discovers her mother has breast cancer.

“I knew I wanted to write something about what I do because I knew I could make it authentic and realistic, and I could really put my finger on the emotions behind the experience,” Frimmer said in an interview with Westport News. “I love the idea of seeing both sides of the coin, the doctor and the patient experience side by side, a 360-degree view instead of just seeing one side of the story.”

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