Good Shepherd Hospital Installs New Carestream Imaging Systems to Satisfy Needs of Pediatric, Orthopaedic Specialists

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 23 — HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital (Shelbyville, Ill.) contracted with HSHS service asset management partner Interstate Imaging, LLC (Evansville, Ind.) to acquire and install a Carestream Q-Rad DRX Digital X-ray System and upgrade existing portable X-ray and radiography/fluoroscopy imaging systems to DR with Carestream DRX Plus 3543C cesium iodide detectors. The DRX systems deliver rapid image access and excellent image quality with reduced X-ray dosage.

“The Q-Rad system is a workhorse for our facility and captures cross-table exams as well as standing hips and knees, bone, pediatric and general radiology exams,” said Amy Waddington, the hospital’s Radiology Manager. “Our orthopaedic and pediatric surgeons are extremely pleased with our ability to deliver rapid access to high-resolution images.” 

The imaging system’s table accepts patients up to 650 pounds and lowers to 21 inches, which is an important advantage. “This table is accessible for severely ill and injured patients and provides greater convenience and safety for both our patients and our technologists,” Ms. Waddington explains.   

As part of its conversion to DR, the hospital gains the ability to move DRX detectors to its radiography/fluoroscopy room for general radiography exams and portable imaging systems as needed. “Being able to share any Carestream DRX detector with any Carestream imaging system delivers exceptional flexibility and cost savings,” said Ms. Waddington. 

The hospital is constructing a new radiology room that will feature a Carestream Q-Rad DRX Digital X-ray system with a ceiling-mounted X-ray tube. This system offers advanced image processing and patient radiation dose monitoring capabilities. It will perform general X-ray imaging and can optimize imaging results for immobile, bariatric, pediatric and other patients with complex issues. 

 Prior to selecting Carestream equipment, the hospital’s radiology staff evaluated imaging systems and detectors. “We wanted flexible, fully featured imaging systems but also realized the image quality and flexibility of the detectors were extremely important. We have been pleased with the performance and durability of both the detectors and systems,” said Ms. Waddington. 

Carestream Q-Rad systems can be configured with analog or digital technology, a floor or ceiling tube stand, as well as table, wall stand and other accessories to match a hospital’s workflow needs.