Jury determines doctors missed aneurysm, award brain-damaged woman $8 million

Melanie Robbins recently won an $8 million medical malpractice lawsuit against a radiology group after a misdiagnosed blood vessel burst in her brain, which in turn left her paralyzed with brain damage.

In September 2010, Robbins collapsed after experiencing the worst headache of her life. While in the hospital, emergency room physician, Dianna Perrazo, MD, ordered a brain scan. Radiologist Kirk Doerger, MD, looked it over and deemed it normal with a diagnosis of migraine.

Twelve days later, Robbins collapsed again. When she woke up in the hospital, she couldn’t talk and was paralyzed.

For the past seven years, Robbins lawyers argued in court whether the physicians took all the steps necessary to detect the aneurysm. It was only until recently that a Kenton County jury determined the doctors made a mistake by missing the aneurysm in Robbins’ brain. The jury set the cost for the doctors who were involved and the Northern Kentucky Radiology Group. However, an appeal from the doctors is still possible. Northern Kentucky Radiology Associates said in a statement to The Enquirer that they intend to appeal.

If so, Robbins payment will be delayed and she will continue receiving care in a nursing home.

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