MEDNAX launches radiology AI incubator to inspire innovation, product development

MEDNAX and MEDNAX Radiology Solutions announced the launch of MEDNAX Radiology Solutions Artificial Intelligence (MDR-AI) Incubator, intended to promote “innovation and product development” in radiology.

“The MDR-AI Incubator brings together a range of companies, from start-ups to blue-chip technology leaders and innovators, to develop innovative tools in a collaborative, safe and secure environment,” said Imad Nijim, chief information officer of MEDNAX Radiology Solutions and Virtual Radiologic (vRad), in a prepared statement.

Designed to increase radiologist’s accuracy and efficiency, as well as improve the quality of patient care, the incubator will encompass radiologists, a clinical dataset and technology partners to further AI growth within the industry. At present, 15 partners are participating in the project “at various levels.”

“Our approach to AI has always been to develop sound models that have immediate and measurable impact,” Nijim added. “It will allow medical and technical leaders to build tools that improve the practice of radiology for physicians and their patients. The goal is to deliver something that pushes our entire industry forward.”