Mentice, RAD-AID join forces to bring IR resources to underserved parts of the world

Mentice AB has agreed to donate high-fidelity interventional radiology (IR) training simulators to areas of the world where such resources are in short supply through a new collaboration with RAD-AID.

RAD-AID, a nonprofit organization, has been bringing medical imaging solutions and training to medically underserved areas since 2008. Mentice will provide software and hardware to RAD-AID’s IR educational teams, working to “improve access and IR performance.”

“RAD-AID is doing an amazing job bringing the benefits of IR to disadvantaged communities around the world,” Göran Malmberg, Mentice CEO, said in a prepared statement. “It is a great honor and a privilege to be working with RAD-AID helping improve patient care access and outcomes in these underserved communities.”

“RAD-AID programs are multidisciplinary and bring together innovative technology, infrastructure-planning, and educational initiatives,” Daniel Mollura, MD, founder and CEO of RAD-AID International, said in the same statement. “Such multidisciplinary cooperation is essential, and by working with Mentice, we can help bring effective IR programs to some of the world’s neediest patients.”