Patient shares struggles with being claustrophobic and undergoing MRI

It’s a problem radiologists and technologists encounter from time to time: the claustrophobic patient who needs an MRI. They need the exam, but they’re not exactly happy about the process.

A columnist for The Dispatch-Argus, a daily newspaper based in Moline, Ill., wrote Monday about her own experience as a nervous, claustrophobic patient. Martha Garcia explained that she is scheduled for an MRI due to her serious headaches, sharing her own perspective and listing some of the advice she received from the doctor.

“After the procedure, I am sure I will have a restful night and won’t remember much,” she wrote. “Well, at least I hope that is the case. I am looking forward to a solution for my headaches.”

Read her full column below. Imaging leaders may wish to save this one to read before meeting with their own patients suffering from claustrophobia.