Physicist develops VR app to reduce children's fear, anxiety before MRI

Jonathan Ashmore is an MRI physicist with National Health Service, the United Kingdom’s public healthcare system. He doesn’t interact with patients too often, but with an office next door to radiology department, he heard the distress children experienced before, during and after an MRI exam.

In response, as detailed in a Sept. 13 article in the U.K.’s The Guardian, Ashmore developed a virtual reality app that helped children prepare for the experience—an attempt to dispel misplaced fear and calm anxieties.

“The app utilizes 360-degree videos from within an MRI scanner,” Ashmore wrote. “It’s free and allows children to experience their upcoming scan in virtual reality, helping them to understand and prepare for what is often a difficult and scary experience.”

The app, according to The Guardian, is in use in a handful of hospitals across the U.K.

Read more about Ashmore’s effort at the link below.