Radiologist develops smartphone app for educating patients about their health

A new smartphone app allows patients to gain a better understanding of their own health by viewing a large 3D image of their body.

The app, Mixing Cup, was developed by a radiologist with a background in fine art and sculpture, as reported by WKYT in Lexington, Kentucky.

The developer is Michael Winkler, MD, an associate professor of radiology and cardiology for the University of Kentucky in Lexington. He explained to WKYT that the app is actually downloaded by physicians. They then use it to take large 3D files and condense them so they can be texted or emailed to a patient. The patient is then able to get a different view of how a diagnosis my affect their health.

“Humans have an amazing ability to understand data in a visual way,” Winkler said, as quoted by WKYT.

Mixing Cup was published as an “open access app,” meaning it can be downloaded by doctors anywhere who may want to use it to communicate with patients.

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