launches child-friendly educational tool, web-based educational hub for radiology information, has launched RadInfo 4 Kids, a new age-appropriate section of the website with videos, stories and games to help children prepare for imaging examinations. is co-developed by RSNA and the American College of Radiology (ACR).

“An important benefit of RadInfo 4 Kids is that by calming a child, radiologic exams can be done quickly and efficiently, which can have a marked impact on improving a child’s health,” Arun Krishnaraj, MD, co-chair of the RSNA-ACR Public Information Website Committee, said in a prepared statement.

The RSNA-ACR Public Information Website Committee and the Patient Advocate Advisory Network noticed a paucity of web-based radiology information tailored for children. The project was developed by children, for their peers.

“We thought it would be unique to let children who have had imaging exams speak for themselves about what they experienced,” Cynthia Rigsby, MD, co-chair of the RSNA-ACR Public Information Website Committee, said in the same statement. “When children hear other children talking about medical procedures, it can alleviate some of their fear.”

Krishnaraj noted that while the tool is geared toward children, parents may find it useful because they “inadvertently pass along anxiety to their children.”

“These children’s stories can help parents feel less alone when they realize that the videos would not have been created unless the parents felt strongly enough about the experience to share it to help other children,” Krishnaraj said.