Toon in: Animated projections help calm kids during CT scans

Adults have spent plenty of time worrying about how easily children can lose focus—what with so many distractions thrown at them throughout the day. But one imaging center is hoping such a distraction could help children get through CT scans without excessive anxiety or claustrophobia.

Carle Foundation Hospital in Champaign, Illinois, began using a projector to display animated video and images on its CT scanner—hoping a scene with a pirate ship or medieval castle would distract them from a whirring sounds and tight confines. “[It’s] clear it’s not a monster that’s going to eat you,” said Carle imaging manager Travis Taylor in an interview with The News-Gazette.

Children also have the ability to control the projections, which helps beyond just providing distractions.

"This really empowers kids to make some decisions when they're in a painful situation," Carle spokeswoman Jamie Mullin said.

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