Weapons expanding, improving to fight metastatic prostate cancer

Options abound for imaging men with metastatic prostate cancer, and, in choosing modalities and techniques, radiologists and other members of the care team need to be mindful of local patterns, prior treatments and PSA trajectories as well as national guidelines.

Radiologist Rajan Gupta, MD, of Duke expounds on these points in video excerpts posted Sept. 22 at Targeted Oncology.

“I think choosing the right imaging modality is as critical as how often we do the imaging,” Gupta says. “[T]rying to identify where the most suspected site of recurrence is going to be—is that going to be a wildly metastatic disease or an oligometastatic disease pattern?—is extremely important.”

Gupta adds, “I think it’s a very exciting time to be able to offer these types of modalities to our patients.”

He also talks about the criticality of having a well-coordinated, multidisciplinary team at the ready to treat these patients.

View the video (or just read the transcript):