Debate about this topic has heated up recently in the Netherlands, with differing recommendations on whether it’s still necessary. 

That’s one of the key takeaways from a new special report, published in the journal Radiology

Big-name players are doing their part to address the growing threat from the disease, which has now killed more than 360 individuals and sickened thousands more.

A team of thoracic radiologists recently reached this conclusion after scouring 257 websites from across the U.S. 

German researchers recently tested their 24/7 teleradiology program on one ship, and have now expanded to four more.

The Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance, among other agencies, hosted a briefing in D.C. Jan. 29, aimed at shining a spotlight on this issue. 

Dutch-Belgian researchers this week unveiled findings from the long-running NELSON trial, which has tracked the impact of low-dose CT on mortality. 

St. Mary's Medical Center is drastically dropping prices for CT, MRI and ultrasound following a successful cost-containment initiative in 2019. 

Myeliviz is administered by IV prior to a PET scan, and could allow clinicians to more easily diagnose and track the autoimmune disease.  

Scientists are still uncertain about the exact cause of this outbreak, but imaging experts will be crucial to closing any knowledge gaps, according to a new Radiology analysis. 

With the disease now making its way to U.S. shores, clinicians will need to remain vigilant for this new indication, health officials said. 

Steven Hughes, MD, was compelled to testify, helping prove that Della Gallegos could have won the case, had her attorney filed it in a timely manner.