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Comparing mammography rates between April-December of 2020 against the same period in 2019, Washington state scientists found stark differences. 

Cardiac MRI helped confirm one recent diagnosis of this concern, imaging experts detailed in Radiology Case Reports

The classic bulky form of the disease is often treated with radiation, but this course can lead to toxic long-term effects, including heart problems and a higher risk of breast cancer. 

Imaging experts recommend a simple structured report in these instances, incorporating major information such as the number, contents, and exact location of packets. 

"Millions” more Americans will now receive private insurance coverage for this “vital” test, but radvocates want Medicare to take action, too. 

Boston-based Medically Home offers imaging via portable scanners, while patients requiring MRI or CT are transported to a facility and then brought back to their residence

Boston University utilized artificial intelligence and thousands of knee MRI scans to help develop the metric, dubbed “subchondral bone length.” 

While attending rads were involved in initial reports 100% of the time during the day, the number dropped to 69% on weekends and 33% overnight, according to a new survey. 

Such injectable agents have been administered routinely for years to detect heart disease, assess risk, and identify tumors throughout the abdomen.

Two code additions for next year cover a new procedure—destruction of the intraosseous basivertebral nerve—that provides relief for certain back pain. 

LDCT produced “remarkable” improvements in both behavior and cognition just days after treatment, according to a small study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.

When given the proper team and infrastructure, low-dose CT programs excel at keeping patients on their imaging schedule, Kaiser researchers reported in JAMA

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The college praised the recent reimbursement decision but noted many of its recommendations have yet to be incorporated into the national coverage determination draft document.

Early experiments showed the saponin/TLR adjuvant activates many different parts of the immune system to strengthen its response against invading pathogens.

The advanced algorithm could make a significant impact on shared decision-making. 

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