Some countries have adopted universal screening for this concern, but experts from the Neiman Policy Institute and other entities aren't convinced, at least yet.

The nation's largest commercial insurer began requiring physicians to jump through additional hoops last month before obtaining payment for certain outpatient services. 

The American Antitrust Institute joins numerous others lining up to oppose the proposed $13 billion transaction, first announced in January. 

In other happenings, Asheville Radiology Associates recently rebranded; PwC is reportedly marketing a practice for sale, and Monticello Health Services acquired a center in Texas.

The AMA survey found that 49% of patient care physicians worked in doc-owned practices, down from 54% in 2018 and the largest two-year change since the survey started.

Kansas radiologist Kamran Ali, MD, and colleagues shared five take-home points for imaging providers seeking to retain their autonomy in the face of consolidation.  

The American College of Radiology and Society for Pediatric Radiology are asking the Indianapolis-based payer to open hospital-based imaging to a greater patient population. 

Q Bio recently ballooned its fundraising total with contributions from Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Focused ultrasound offers a one-time outpatient procedure to help relieve symptoms, but coverage gaps have presented barriers to its use. 

Pacific Radiology is currently 100% owned by physician shareholders and operates 46 imaging centers, employing 90 radiologists across the country.

The health insurer reversed its coverage denial for imaging of gastric and esophageal oncologic indications, while other restrictions remain in place. 

Professional Portable X-Ray operates in seven markets, with the Denver-based acquirer initially targeting the Phoenix area for its imaging offering.