The Amsterdam-based imaging giant is narrowing its focus on radiology and other healthcare segments, officials said. 

Women who had their uterus removed via this method paid $18,000 more in hospital charges when compared to uterine artery embolization, rads found.

A total of 560 patients were included in the Phase 3 clinical study of Gadopiclenol, and the firm hopes to seek U.S. regulatory approval in the near future. 

The American College of Radiology called the update "significant," encouraging providers to carefully review changes to avoid future claim denials. 

"The parties are well aware that the transaction presents substantial antitrust concerns," American Hospital Association legal counsel wrote to the feds recently.  

Founded in 1984, Delaney Radiology currently employs 28 fellowship-trained physicians, operating in the Wilmington, North Carolina, metropolitan area.

Dartmouth Engineering and Lahey Hospital believe this is the first study to explore optimal outpatient exam scheduling using flexibilities seen on the inpatient side. 

Under new 2021 rules, CMS will use a less complicated process to determine hospital outpatient and office-based procedure payment. 

CT-equipped emergency vehicles have been proven to save lives, yet without steady payment, many programs are forced to rely on grants and charity. 

The Israel-based startup is spending about $40 million on the facility, which it hopes to have up and running in the first quarter of 2022, officials said Wednesday. 

Also, FDA clears Siemens' new PET/CT scanner, Varian CEO stepping down, and vRad scores its 23rd patent. 

Kim Tzoumakas, 21st Century Oncology's former chief exec, is assuming the role and plans to guide the radiology firm through its next growth phase.