The publicly traded radiology group, which operates 138 centers, said the directive will prevent its CEO and CFO from trading shares until the firm furnishes key financial documents.

Device manufacturer Sirtex Medical paid the highest total to IR physicians at more than $5.1 million, Johns Hopkins researchers reported. 

The Indianapolis-based payer had placed guardrails around reimbursement for some hospital-based imaging, but relented after "thoughtful" discussions with radvocates.  

Physicians have also increasingly performed this deep-vein thrombosis treatment on an outpatient basis, a decade's worth of Medicare claims data show. 

The two companies detailed their new “timing agreement” with the Department of Justice in a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Radiologists are concerned this trend could force women to skip crucial follow-up services such as MRI, ultrasound and breast biopsy. 

Northwell Health experts believe their findings offer key clues as practices navigate subsequent stages of the public health crisis. 

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles-based law firm said Monday that it’s launching an investigation into the delay on behalf of investors. 

Average payment for the first year of therapy landed at $11,975 for imaging-guided percutaneous ablation, nearly half of surgery's tally, experts wrote in Academic Radiology

The Society of Interventional Radiology said the proposed cuts represent a “perfect storm,” resulting from the feds’ failure to keep labor rates and product tables current with inflation.

M&A activity has been "astounding" in recent months and with the agency short on manpower, it may be forced to uncouple deals after appointed deadlines. 

Radiology was also one of the top-three most requested searches, behind only family medicine and nurse practitioners, according to a new survey. 

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The college praised the recent reimbursement decision but noted many of its recommendations have yet to be incorporated into the national coverage determination draft document.

Early experiments showed the saponin/TLR adjuvant activates many different parts of the immune system to strengthen its response against invading pathogens.

The advanced algorithm could make a significant impact on shared decision-making. 

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