The Los Angeles-based operator has revised its investor guidance for 2021 to account for the rosier picture amid lifting COVID restrictions. 

Others have used the tech giant’s index of popular search terms to forecast everything from the stock market to disease outbreaks.

Travis Clark, MD, and Seattle Radiologists described the patient's injuries as “unfortunate," but testimony from three imaging experts backed the accused clinician’s claims, attorneys said.

Corporate employment can offer physicians or doc groups benefits such as eliminating administrative and back-office concerns, but also headaches. 

Across all physician types, the cumulative decrease in spending totaled $9.4 billion, the American Medical Association reported. 

A Seattle woman visited the local ED three times over a two-week period complaining of a headache and other symptoms, but one rad reportedly overlooked signs of hemorrhaging.  

It was back in 2008 that the federal agency decided not to reimburse for this exam, citing scant evidence at the time. 

The Israel-based firm has been working for months to gain clearance for technology it believes will disrupt radiology with a fresh take on legacy X-ray scans. 

Hastings Medical Imaging formerly functioned as a hospital department but will now act independently, allowing leaders to adjust costs.

Utilization of these two modalities has surged in recent years, yet only a small fraction of rads image the heart, an analysis of Medicare data found. 

The Arkansas-based retail giant had hoped to open 4,000 clinics by 2029, offering x-rays and diagnostics, but appears to be pumping the brakes.

Alliance Healthcare Radiology recently detailed its biggest developments to follow in the specialty, covering mobile imaging, partnerships, AI and workplace culture.