The publicly traded, Florida-based imaging center operator is making a play into oncology and other rad-related services with the blockbuster deal. 

American Orthopedic Partners CEO Jay Bronner, MD, is joined by fellow RP alum Ryan Pahler, the imaging giant's former VP of national business development. 

A representative with the 14-hospital nonprofit said there was no formal contract between the two organizations. 

There was a sevenfold difference between the lowest and highest price for imaging of the abdomen, according to an analysis of data from more than 2,000 hospitals. 

Physician societies "strongly disagree" with criteria limiting LDCT screening to those who have quit smoking within 15 years.

Oftentimes, the payer representative has little knowledge of the imaging exam or other treatment under review, physicians charged.

Reasons for this oddity are likely multifactorial, including uncertainty about the management of COVID-19 patients, experts detailed in Clinical Imaging. 

Routine diagnostic imaging at a hospital can cost 165% more than other outpatient settings, UnitedHealth Group estimated. 

The nation's largest commercial insurer recently started forcing physicians to jump through extra hoops before getting paid for certain outpatient services. 

One publicly traded imaging center operator saw its stock climb 21% in the days after the U.S. FDA's approval of Aduhelm. 

Also, Butterfly Network building a new headquarters, Hyperfine names a CEO, and ImaginAb raises $12.8 million in funding. 

Absent passage of HR 3657, the profession is “in peril,” with RAs losing their jobs and left unable to practice to the full extent of their training, advocates said. 

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The college praised the recent reimbursement decision but noted many of its recommendations have yet to be incorporated into the national coverage determination draft document.

Early experiments showed the saponin/TLR adjuvant activates many different parts of the immune system to strengthen its response against invading pathogens.

The advanced algorithm could make a significant impact on shared decision-making. 

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