A funny thing happened on the way to the printer with this issue of RBJ. In an email exchange, a radiologist who’d spoken with one of our reporters let me know he had more to say on the combustible subject about which he’d been interviewed. 

Two short years after RadiologyBusiness.com added AI as a standalone beat, it seems the technology has burrowed into radiology like the Burmese python took to the Everglades. At first its presence was novel. Soon it became not uncommon. And now the infiltrator is in everyone’s head. It may as well be everywhere.

RSNA 2019 is sure to have more must-see events and exhibits than even the most energized attendee could keep up with. In other words, it’ll be business as usual. But here’s a tip. 

With a sincere Thank You to everyone who took the time to complete RBJ’s first annual salary survey—more than 530 individuals—we’re delighted to present the results in the pages ahead.

Has the value-based U.S. healthcare system become so focused on the bottom line that care is, in cases, getting compromised? 

Those of us who’ve seen Generation Y progress from the digital playground to places alongside us in the workplace sometimes make too much of our differences. We tie ourselves in knots trying to figure out what makes members of this generation tick. What unleashes their endorphins. What we must do to “meet them where they are.”