Also, Hologic criticizes new American Cancer Society screening guidelines, while GE Healthcare and Merit Medical see sales slide in second quarter. 

The analysis was sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association and included more than 25,000 Medicare beneficiaries, with researchers exploring whether positron emission tomography could curb costs. 

The decline in business was worse in April at 50%, but levels reached upward of 90% of pre-COVID volume by the end of June, the Florida physician firm reported Thursday.

Officials said Tuesday that they'll use the funds to support the rollout of their low-cost imaging system, the Nanox.ARC.

Plus, radiologic technologists strike in California, and Maine looks to grant physician assistants more authority. 

Adjusting for inflation, the drop persisted across nine different modalities, Brown University experts wrote Wednesday in JACR. 

The $400,000 outlay came at a time when overall lobbying across the healthcare sector plummeted, according to a recent analysis. 

While the Amsterdam-based manufacturer logged diagnostic imaging sales in line with Q2 2019, Philips’ ultrasound business showed a “mid-single-digit decrease,” and image-guided therapy dropped by double digits. 

Some have taken drastic measures to counter the trend, requiring unpaid leave, eliminating bonuses and cutting compensation to keep nurses and techs aboard, experts wrote in Radiology. 

"There is an opportunity to make your voice heard,” the American College of Radiology advised its members. 

Milwaukee Radiologists Ltd. claims that a new joint-venture agreement signed by Ascension earlier this year with a Nashville physician practice violates its standing contract with the local group. 

Also, Intermountain signs exclusive deal with radiology benefits manager, Sectra partners with Christus Health, and Fujifilm offers up $90,000 grant for COVID ultrasound research.