Fujifilm files lawsuit against Hologic as issues between vendors escalate

Fujifilm Holdings has filed a lawsuit against Hologic, accusing the rival vendor of patent infringement and antitrust violations.

In Fujifilm Corporation v. Hologic Inc., Fujifilm alleges that Hologic’s Selenia Dimensions mammography systems uses Fujifilm’s patented inventions. Fujifilm requested a jury trial, according to the Worcester Business Journal, and is seeking “damages not yet determined.”

“Hologic has infringed Fujifilm patents, engaged in an anticompetitive scheme to establish and maintain an illegal monopoly in certain mammography systems that use of leading technology to screen for and diagnose breast cancer, and interfered intentionally with Fujifilm contracts and business relationships,” Fujifilm wrote in the suit.

According to reporting by Bloomberg, the two companies met with a meditator in February, but could not resolve the issue.

Hologic spokeswoman Jane Mazur has stated the company will not comment on ongoing litigation.

This is not the first time these rival vendors have made headlines. In June 2017, Hologic filed suit against Fujifilm Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings, alleging Fujifilm infringed on five Hologic patents related to mammogram technology.

In this latest lawsuit, Fujifilm calls that 2017 claim by Hologic “objectively baseless.”