Thinking about a career in imaging? Consider these well-paying, in-demand jobs

When CNBC put together a list of in-demand jobs that pay more than $55,000 a year and only require an associate’s degree, most of those jobs were in healthcare—and many involved medical imaging.  

The report used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and included 11 total careers. Nuclear medicine technologists, radiation therapists, radiologic technologists, MRI technologists and diagnostic medical sonographers all made the cut.

“Each of the jobs on this list will grow faster than 7 percent, the average rate of job growth in the United States,” according to the report. “Some will grow at three or four times that rate.”

CNBC examined each of the 11 careers closely. For instance, the median annual wage for MRI technologists was $69,930. Projected job growth through 2026 is estimated to be 14 percent.

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