Florida health system working to bounce back after radiologist shortage

Radiologist shortages have been causing significant delays in patient care in Australia and the U.K., but it’s an issue that has impacted providers in the United States as well. At the Naples, Florida-based NCH Healthcare System, for example, delayed imaging results have been a problem for quite some time.  

According to a recent report from Naples Daily News, the delays were bad enough that some physicians were working to avoid the system’s radiologists altogether. The report investigated reasons for the delays and found that high turnover has been a consistent problem. In addition, according to one radiologist interviewed for the story, used equipment was also purchased that performed poorly, causing additional issues.

According to a statement from NCH, quoted by the Naples Daily News, the system has been working with a recruitment agency to improve the situation and bring in experienced specialists to help interpret imaging examinations.

Also, a cardiologist interviewed for the reported noted that reporting “has improved” as a result of NCH’s push to get better.

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