GE Healthcare now distributing Volpara Solutions’ breast density software worldwide

Volpara Solutions, the New Zealand-based breast imaging technology company, announced that GE Healthcare will now be distributing its VolparaDensity software for breast density assessments throughout the world.

VolparaDensity uses artificial intelligence to analyze mammograms and provide automated density assessments. The software was already distributed in the United States as part of a previous agreement between the two companies, but this deal represents a significant expansion of that arrangement.

“We have had a very productive partnership with GE over the past several years,” Mark Koeniguer, chief content officer and president of Volpara Solutions, said in a prepared statement. “We are thrilled to expand our agreement beyond the U.S. market, working with GE Healthcare to offer customers a well-researched and widely adopted breast density assessment tool to help them deliver excellent breast health care. Providing an accurate and consistent assessment of breast density is becoming increasingly important to identify women at high risk of developing breast cancer.”

“We are excited to expand access to VolparaDensity as part of our product portfolio,” Luke Delaney, general manager of automated breast ultrasound at GE Healthcare, said in the same statement.