Lawsuit accuses ProScan of fraud

In a whistleblower lawsuit recently unsealed by a federal judge, ProScan Imaging has been accused of committing fraud by using physician assistants instead of radiologists to read MRI scans. 

The alleged wrongdoing involved hundreds of MRI being “ghost read” on a daily basis, according to a new report from WCPO Cincinnati. Jason Taylor, a former radiology assistant at ProScan, and radiologist Peter Rothschild, MD, filed the lawsuit back in October 2017. The lawsuit alleges that ProScan submitted thousands of fraudulent claims to Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare.

“ProScan prides itself on its integrity and quality of care,” according to a statement from ProScan CEO Stephen Pomeranz and ProScan President Michael O’Brien, as quoted by WCPO Cincinnati. “We have always operated our business within strict adherence to compliant policies and procedures and will continue to do so. The allegations of the complaint are devoid of merit. ProScan is confident that the lawsuit will be dismissed.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Pomeranz worked to “recruit” Taylor to read MRI scans for ProScan. Taylor has stated that he declined the offer. He did not renew his contract with the company when it ran out in 2016.

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