Omega Medical gains FDA approval for AI tech to reduce radiation dosage

Sanford, Florida-based Omega Medical Imaging has gained approval from the FDA for its FluoroShield system, which uses artificial intelligence to help limit radiate dosage, the company announced Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Omega said it is the first in the world to receive clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for technology that deploys machine learning to limit radiation.

"Until now products on the market have only been able to manage radiation to patients and staff. FluoroShield is the only system in the world that provides an actual reduction in dose,” President Brian Fleming said in a statement. “The impact of this groundbreaking solution for patients and healthcare providers is substantial.”

The Artificial Intelligence Fluoroscopy/Cine (AIF/C) Imaging system allows for automatic collimation during interventional fluoro or cine cases, while also maintaining a complete perspective of the surrounding anatomy. It produces a blended image that incorporates a lower frequency refresh of the peripherals and increases the quality of info presented during interventional procedures, according to Omega.