Patient receives unexpected bill for more than $5K after chest x-ray

A woman in Colorado was left stunned after she found herself with a $5,500 bill from a visit to a free-standing ER. She stopped at the facility when she was having difficulty breathing and received a chest x-ray. 

The woman visited the University of Colorado (UC) Health Emergency Room in Littleton, according to a report from KMGH-TV.

“They did a chest x-ray just to rule out pneumonia because that was a concern, and then I did a breathing treatment and it dramatically helped me,” she said. "I felt better and I went home.”

While the x-ray she received was only $300, her visit was $5,500 and her insurance paid only a portion of her visitation fees. She later found out that the facility was designated as a free-standing ER rather than an urgent care center, showing why patients must always pay attention when they receive care. 

Free-standing ERs are staffed by board-certified physicians and nurses. Additionally, a spokesperson from UC Health Emergency Room noted, their facility has an operating radiology department—including CT scanner, digital X-ray, and ultrasound.

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