Radiologists earn $419K per year, up 4% from 2018

Radiologists earn an average of $419,000 per year, according to Medscape’s Physician Compensation Report 2019. This makes radiology tied with dermatology for No. 5 among all specialties, trailing only cardiology, otolaryngology, plastic surgery and orthopedics.

The report includes feedback from more than 19,000 physicians representing more than 30 specialties, and 4% of respondents were from radiology. Data was collected between Oct. 25, 2018, and Feb. 14, 2019.

Overall, the average physician salary for 2019 is $313,000. Primary care physicians answered that they make $237,000 per year. Specialists, on the other hand, take home $341,000 per year.

“Survey respondents were asked to report their compensation for patient care,” according to the report. “For employed physicians, that includes salary, bonus and profit-sharing contributions. For partners, it includes earnings after taxes and deductible business expenses before income taxes. Only full-time salaries are included in our results.”

Other key findings specifically related to radiology include:

  • A total of 21% of physicians in radiology are women, making it one of the lowest-ranking specialties when it comes to gender equality. Women represent more than half of all physicians in two specialties: OB-GYN and pediatrics.
  • The report asked respondents if they feel fairly compensated, and 66% of radiologists answered that they do.
  • While 74% of radiologists say they would choose medicine again, one of the lowest overall totals among all specialties, 92% of those who said they would choose medicine again indicated they would stick with radiology.
  • The average annual salary for radiologists is up 4% compared to Medscape’s annual report from 2018.

The full report is available here. Coverage of 2018’s Medscape Physician Compensation Report is available here