Radiology’s average salary is $429K, but women make 21% less than men

The average annual compensation for radiologists in the United States is $429,000, according to a new report from Doximity. Radiology was ranked 10th among all specialties included in the report.  

Doximity’s third annual Physician Compensation Report surveyed more than 90,000 full-time physicians throughout the country. Overall, the report noted that a rise in mergers and acquisitions and a shrinking number of physicians owning their own practices, among other factors, have had a significant impact on physician earnings in the United States.

“In a consolidating market like this, wages may decrease or remain flat; competition is fierce, so hospitals and health systems cut costs to focus on efficiency,” according to the report. “In prior years, Doximity studies have noted a steady increase in compensation year-over-year, but for the first time, wages have begun to plateau.”

Looking at other specialties, neurosurgery came in at No. 1 with an annual salary of $617,000. Thoracic surgery ($584,000) was No. 2, followed by orthopedic surgery ($526,000) and radiation oncology ($486,000).

One significant finding related to radiology was that the specialty featured the fourth highest wage gap between men and women in 2018. While male radiologists earned an average of $442,000, women earned $349,000, a difference of 21 percent. The wage gap was larger for three other specialties: urology, otolaryngology and pediatric pulmonology.

The full report is available on Doximity’s website.