Ranking the 10 best radiology programs in the US

Harvard Medical School has the country’s highest-ranked radiology program for incoming graduate students, beating out competitors such as Johns Hopkins and Stanford for first place, the U.S. News and World Report announced this month.

Not only is Harvard one of the priciest grad school options—$59,800 covers full-time tuition—but it also enrolls one of the largest groups of med school applicants in the country, with a 715-count student body, according to the report. Of the ranked schools, just two had higher enrollment numbers—the University of Michigan at 717 and University of Washington at 1,042. Michigan was ranked ninth overall for radiology programs, while the latter school was tied for eleventh.

Despite Harvard’s course load, which the report called “grueling”, the school’s campus in Boston’s Longwood Medical Area and access to high-profile residencies make it an appealing option. Its anesthesiology, psychiatry, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and internal medicine programs were also ranked first in the U.S. this year, and it was ranked the overall best medical school of 2018.

Second place for radiology rankings went to Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University, which tied with Harvard for first this year in internal medicine programs. Johns Hopkins falls just behind Harvard Medical in most categories, though it’s more affordable at $51,900 and boasts a smaller student body that allows for more individualized training.

Number three on the list was also the cheapest, with an in-state tuition of $34,386. The University of California-San Francisco enrolls just over 607 medical students and beat out both Harvard and Johns Hopkins in rankings for the best primary care medical schools. UC-San Francisco came in second in that category, while Harvard and Johns Hopkins were ranked twelfth and twenty-sixth, respectively.

Remaining radiology schools in the country’s top ten were the University of Pennsylvania, Washington University in St. Louis, Duke University, Stanford University, New York University, University of Michigan and Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, in descending order.

For more information on the rankings, including tuition and MCAT scores, visit the U.S. World and News World Report’s site here.