Technologist salaries up for all disciplines since 2016

The average salary of a radiologic technologist is up 5.3% since 2016, according to a new survey from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT).

The ASRT Wage and Salary Survey 2019 was sent to all group members in March 2019. The return rate was 11%. The survey takes place once every three years.

Nuclear medicine technologists saw their average salary jump 10% in that timeframe, increasing from $75,819 to $83,385. Radiation therapists (7.7%), MRI technologists (7.2%), mammographers (6.5%) CT technologists (6.3%), sonographers (6.2%) and radiographers (3.2%) all also saw wages head in a positive direction.

“Compared to the 2016 wage and salary survey, the 2019 survey shows varying gains across all practice areas,” John Culbertson, MA, MEd., ASRT director of research, said in a prepared statement. “Although this is a welcome improvement, we should point out that the overall average increase is lower than the inflation rate of 6.8% over the  same time period.”

While 49.2% of respondents indicated they are satisfied with their wages, 52.1% said they were satisfied with the benefits they receive.

The survey results also show that dosimetry ($114,891) and radiologic assistants ($108,494) are the two disciplines that currently have the highest mean compensation.

The full survey is available to ASRT members on the group’s website.