Trump's healthcare plan mostly a combination of old Republican proposals

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign released an outline of his healthcare plan today, and according to reporting by the Los Angeles Times, it doesn’t offer much that hasn’t been heard before.

“Donald Trump has at various times promised a healthcare plan that would be ‘beautiful,’ ‘terrific’ and ‘unbelievable,’” reporter Noam N. Levey wrote. “But the healthcare outline his campaign released Wednesday mostly highlights standard, if vague, Republican proposals, several of which conservatives themselves say will have little impact on patients’ health or their pocketbooks.”

The seven-point plan, which can be read in full on Trump's campaign website, begins with a promise to “completely repeal” the ACA. In addition, Trump pushes for health insurance sales across state lines and says price transparency will be required from all healthcare providers, including clinics and hospitals.

Trump and the other Republican presidential candidates will appear tonight in a Fox News-hosted debate live from Detroit’s Fox Theater. This healthcare plan is expected to be one of the biggest topics of the night.

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