Kansas City-based United Imaging Consultants joins Strategic Radiology

Strategic Radiology announced Thursday, Aug. 9, that Kansas City, Kansas-based United Imaging Consultants (UIC) has joined the company’s coalition of private practice radiologists. 

UIC, Strategic Radiology’s first practice based out of Kansas, was first formed when a number of smaller practices merged in 2000. The practice brings a team of 29 radiologists to the Strategic Radiology coalition.

“We are pleased to welcome United Imaging Consultants to the Strategic Radiology coalition,” Arl Van Moore, Jr., MD, CEO and chair of Strategic Radiology, said in a prepared statement. “Strategic Radiology continues to expand the services, opportunities, and infrastructure we provide our members, and as our coalition grows, so does our ability to add value. The UIC physicians share our core values of quality and independence, and they are committed to working collaboratively on our patient-centered quality initiatives.”

“United Imaging Consultants is focused on delivering the best possible radiology care to our patients and clinical partners, and we believe that ownership by the physicians working in the practice is the best way to accomplish this critical goal,” Michael Parsa, MD, president of UIC, said in the same statement.