AI developer Visla Labs announces $3M in funding to grow business

Visla Labs, a San Francisco, California-based startup focused on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology, has raised $3 million in funding to “grow its team, scale product features, attain regulatory approval and fuel expansion and growth.” The seed round was spearheaded by Lux Capital and two former C-suite executives from Twitter, Dick Costolo and Adam Bain.

"Our aim is to focus on the user, using the fastest and nimblest iteration to help in an industry where there is real need and potential to make a difference," said Wei-En Tan, PhD, co-founder of Visla Labs, in a prepared statement. "We've seen the fragmented nature of healthcare for both doctors and patients, and we're passionate about the opportunity to reimagine the process of radiology, so that it is efficient and simple for doctors, and cost-effective for everyone."

At present, Visla Labs’ AI technologies are used in more than 30 clinical environments across the US and Asia and have screened millions of images.