Plus, imaging workers claim unsafe conditions in California, and Alabama expands scope-of-practice rules for physician assistants. 

The California-based company provides a range of services that include imaging joint ventures, help with center acquisitions, and outsourced radiology assistance for hospitals.  

Experts from Emory University discovered a correlation after studying national Medicare imaging trends over a 12-year period and lining them up against lawsuit payouts.

Such sites generate significant income for hospitals, while also capturing a large portion of outpatient imaging, experts wrote in Academic Radiology

Consulting firm Healthcare Administrative Partners highlighted payment cuts as severe as 18% for high-volume imaging procedures. 

The company has seen an uptick in COVID-19 cases in core markets, but third quarter volumes continue to recover from the steep drops seen in the spring. 

Physician’s Mobile X-Ray has agreed to pony up nearly $50,000 for violating the False Claims Act over a five-year period. 

The Los Angeles-based firm said it plans to permanently reduce staffing levels and trim travel expenses to help counter the cut. 

Also, Hologic criticizes new American Cancer Society screening guidelines, while GE Healthcare and Merit Medical see sales slide in second quarter. 

The analysis was sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association and included more than 25,000 Medicare beneficiaries, with researchers exploring whether positron emission tomography could curb costs. 

The decline in business was worse in April at 50%, but levels reached upward of 90% of pre-COVID volume by the end of June, the Florida physician firm reported.

Officials said Tuesday that they'll use the funds to support the rollout of their low-cost imaging system, the Nanox.ARC.