Radiology compensation is more than just radiologist salaries. It also includes radiologic technologist and interventional radiology compensation, along with other subspecialties. Radiology pay incorporates bonuses, incentives, benefits and vacation time.

Diagnostic radiology saw its median compensation rise just 1.6% from 2020 to 2021. On the other hand, interventional radiology enjoyed a 9.9% raise. 

MRI techs earned an average of $76,177 in 2019 and are making $82,395 in 2022. In fact, radiologic technologists across all modalities enjoyed a collective raise of 11.2% during that window.

Harvard researchers have piloted a curriculum for instructing radiology trainees in the business of modern medicine. The teaching team says its program is adaptable by any academic radiology operation.

Medical experts testifying in malpractice suits for the defense tend to have higher objective indicators of erudition than peers testifying for the plaintiff. Radiologists buck this pattern.

How much to radiologists make? Find out the average salary for a radiologist. Radiology pay according to the Radiology Business salary survey.

We surveyed radiologists, administrators and others radiology professionals to learn more about the overall health of the specialty in 2022 and beyond. 

Interview with Elizabeth K. Arleo, MD, and Radiology Business Editor Dave Pearson on American College of Radiology, ACR, new family medical leave resolution.

Radiology practice leaders who begrudge requests for parental and medical leave—if any such leaders are still extant in 2022—received a bracing wakeup call in late April.

RBMA’s 2022 Compensation Survey provided insights and benchmarks for Executive and Marketing leadership of member Radiology groups. healthcare value value-based care money dollar

RBMA’s 2022 Compensation Survey provided insights and benchmarks for executive and marketing leadership of member radiology groups. 


This marks the 1st time in the survey’s 11-year history that physicians across all areas of expertise earned a pay increase, including radiologists, who gained 6%, Medscape reported Friday.  

Despite the denial, ACR said it will continue fighting “misguided proposed edits,” having scored victories a “significant” percentage of the time.

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Such metrics are increasingly important in both healthcare quality and reimbursement, New York cancer care experts wrote recently. 

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Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings shared its outlook following US Radiology Specialists' largest acquisition in its four-year history. 

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"These cuts threaten to undermine efforts to address health inequity, accelerate health system consolidation, and weaken our ability to deal with the pandemic," lawmakers said Tuesday. 

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