New Health Gorilla portal, network will connect physicians to over 35,000 radiology centers

Health Gorilla, an online healthcare marketplace, has announced the launch of its expanded physician portal.

The company says this portal is part of its new clinical network, which it will unveil in September. The new network will connect doctors and clinicians to over 35,000 radiology centers, as well as over 9,000 diagnostic labs and numerous other types of medical facilities.

"Securely automating the electronic ordering process was the first step towards connecting physicians directly with thousands of vendors and patients, and delivering a new level of service and results," Steve Yaskin, CEO of Health Gorilla, said in a statement. "A digital clinical network means more secure, faster exchange of healthcare information. As we expand across the U.S., we are closing the gaps in health care disparities and focusing on the quality of care."

The network will be accessible as a web app and an iOS app, the company said.

Health Gorilla was founded in 2011 as Informedika, Inc. The company then changed its name to Health Gorilla in 2014.