Will AI enrich radiology jobs—or take them away?

Tech moguls Bill Gates and Elon Musk have differing views on artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on society. Gates believes AI will make our lives more productive; Musk has called it an “existential risk.”

A new article in Forbes suggests AI may change the nature of various jobs and professions. AI may completely annihilate some jobs, while making others more productive. It could potentially create new opportunities, not just within the tech sector, but also for those who are looking to utilize AI for entrepreneurial ventures.

And of course, both negative and positive impacts in medicine are inevitable.

Even medical professionals need to look at the long-term implications to their jobs.

“AI’s getting really good at reading radiology images," said Andrew Ng, cofounder of Coursera. "If any of you have a son or daughter or a friend graduating from medical school with a radiology degree, I think they might have a perfectly good five-year career in radiology, maybe even 10 years. But I wouldn’t plan for a 40-year career doing that same radiology job today."

What do you think? Will AI take over jobs? Read the full article below and make your own assessments: