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The AMA survey found that 49% of patient care physicians worked in doc-owned practices, down from 54% in 2018 and the largest two-year change since the survey started.

Mayo Clinic neuroradiologist John Benson, MD, believes 36-year-old Gretchen Butler's suicide in March revealed the "profound toll that work can have on physicians.” 

Kansas radiologist Kamran Ali, MD, and colleagues shared five take-home points for imaging providers seeking to retain their autonomy in the face of consolidation.  

Radiology researchers recommend using a holistic approach to hiring and deploying structured interviewing, they wrote recently in JACR

Massachusetts General recently detailed its experience creating a diversity, equity and inclusion committee in the Journal of the American College of Radiology

Indiana University imaging experts see an opportunity for the specialty to learn from the tech offshoot's demise. 

There are numerous ways members of the specialty can go above and beyond to "wow" the healthcare consumer, ACR experts say. 

The finding is part of the the American College of Radiology’s Data Science Institute's inaugural annual survey, published Tuesday in JACR

Physicians in imaging saw their pay decrease 3% in 2020 as practices grappled with job losses, reduced hours and fewer patient visits, according to a new salary survey. 

Coronavirus was a "punch in the mouth" for the noted publication, but it has also offered lessons that apply in imaging, Time President Keith Grossman wrote in JACR.  

On average, docs pay nearly $15K over the course of their career on certification, one of the highest tallies among specialties. 

Lawmakers recently introduced the Resident Physician Shortage Act of 2021 to address doc shortfalls by bolstering the number of Medicare-supported residency positions.