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AMA is bestowing the Emory leader with its Distinguished Service Award, established in 1938 to recognize “meritorious service in the science and art of medicine.” 

RBMA’s board approved the new Radiology Patient Action Network during the group’s annual PaRADigm conference, which kicked off Oct. 17 in Las Vegas.

A recent report explored investors' infiltration into medicine, with some arguing that PE is making early career physicians hesitant to join such practices. 

Education/teaching was the most popular alternative, followed by healthcare business, writing, or pharmaceuticals, according to new survey data. 

This marks RP's largest intake of new docs during a two-year period and does not include radiologists added via practice partnership deals.

Lack of exposure to rad life and the daily workflow are two big reasons why early career physicians struggle during this stage of their careers, experts wrote in JACR.  

The doc-certification group is changing the recurring fee for retaking exams to a one-time charge for all subsequent attempts, among other updates.

Suburban Commonwealth Radiology Associates will work with Boston-based Tufts Medical Center to let rads work in their preferred setting. 

The Japan-based imaging giant cited its "Made for Life" management philosophy, prioritizing the health and safety of patients and providers. 

The number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in imaging does not mirror the general population, and experts believe this warrants further scrutiny. 

Some breast imaging facilities are reinstating safety measures unseen since nonurgent care shutdowns in July 2020, the college said.

"We are incredibly saddened to learn that someone tragically died in this incident," said University of Utah Health executive Alison Flynn Gaffney. 

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U.S. healthcare may be high on China’s wish list of Western spheres of activity to infiltrate ever more deeply with artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.

One large health system actually treated more heart failure patients during the pandemic than it had in previous years. 

The AI development team was guided by a sports-medicine specialist dubbed “the go-to orthopedic surgeon for many of the greatest athletes on the planet.”

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