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Experts interviewed nearly 500 rad residents representing years 1-4 for the survey, sharing their findings in the Journal of the American College of Radiology

University of California, San Francisco, imaging professionals are urging the specialty to lend its support amid a recent COVID-related uptick in violence. 

NYU Langone recently opted to make inoculations mandatory, with one vascular tech seeking an exemption that later led to her termination. 

Gretchen Butler, MD, a breast imaging specialist and mother of three, died March 5 by suicide, according to published reports. 

To help defray the cost, the Tucson, Arizona-based doc-certification group is crediting candidates $40 toward future fees. 

Kenneth Kaess' career spanned decades and took him to all corners of the country, according to a death notice published in local newspapers. 

ABR emphasized Wednesday that it will never call diplomates asking for payment on the spot. 

The Addison, Texas-based radiology firm now operates more than 85 imaging centers, both wholly owned and via hospital joint ventures. 

Kim Tzoumakas, 21st Century Oncology's former chief exec, is assuming the role and plans to guide the radiology firm through its next growth phase.

Corporate employment can offer physicians or doc groups benefits such as eliminating administrative and back-office concerns, but also headaches. 

The finding is part of a groundbreaking new report supported by more than two dozen worldwide leaders in cancer care. 

UCSF patients have arranged almost 5,000 exams on their own across six imaging centers, saving more than 400 hours of scheduler time.