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The family of 60-year-old Tim Zook is seeking answers from Pfizer but also urging others to still receive their shots. 

The specialty can serve as a “valuable asset” in the rollout, including gauging drug efficacy and understanding related imaging patterns, experts explained recently.

Critical care and infectious disease saw workplace fatigue swell last year, but radiologists' numbers dropped, according to a new survey.

Rad business founders have dabbled in a variety of interests, ranging from yoga studios to bakeries, according to one MD researcher who recently explored this topic in JAMA Network Open

Earlier this month, ABR hosted its Diagnostic Radiology Certifying Pilot Exam, with 161 candidates taking part. 

For its part, New England’s largest safety-net hospital called the claims “baseless" while emphasizing its culture of inclusion. 

On the plus side, the El Segundo, California, practice has increased revenues tenfold over the past five years through acquisitions and is in a strong cash position, the ratings service noted. 

One-third of practice leaders said they have been forced to freeze hiring and shed employee numbers among CT staffers to counter decreasing patient visits. 

That's according to a new investigation of sleep and how it affects physicians' ability to read images, published in JACR

A board-certified radiation oncologist, Hahn first joined the federal agency in December 2019, just before the COVID-19 storm hit. 

RBMA certainly isn't alone, as numerous imaging conferences have been retooled or shelved over the past year. 

CEO Jim Rechtin said the pause will last through 2021, emphasizing that the physician firm’s political activities must reflect “our values as a national medical group."