Healthcare groups around the world celebrate the 2018 International Day of Radiology

The American College of Radiology (ACR) is co-sponsoring the 2018 International Day of Radiology on Thursday, Nov. 8, alongside RSNA and the European Society of Radiology. The day is celebrated each year to recognize the impact radiologists continue to have on patients all over the world.

“In the 123 years since the discovery of the X-ray, medical imaging has continued to advance modern medicine, drive technological innovation and enable more effective and efficient patient care,” William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, ACR CEO, said in a prepared statement. “The International Day of Radiology celebrates the lives saved and extended worldwide by radiology and highlights the ongoing work of our members and their colleagues in research, diagnosis and treatment.”

The day also coincides with the ASRT-sponsored National Radiologic Technology Week, which occurs this year from Nov. 4 to Nov. 10.

More information on the 2018 International Day of Radiology is available here.