Radiology Coding Certification Board announces new interventional radiology credential

The Radiology Coding Certification Board (RCCB), a nonprofit radiology credentialing organization, announced this week that it has introduced a new credential for coders proficient in interventional radiology coding.

The organization developed the new Radiology Certified Coder in Interventional Radiology (RCCIR) credential after conducing “a thorough study of the current state of knowledge in interventional coding,” according to a prepared statement. To earn the RCCIR credential, an individual must have applicable experience in the industry and pass a specific exam.

“In offering the new RCCIR credential, RCCB serves the public and the medical community by encouraging quality interventional coding services,” Renée C. Engle, RCC, RCCB President, said in the same statement.

In addition, the RCCB also launched a brand new website, which includes a job board, exam schedules, newsletters, a message board and more.