MRI scan using diffusion tensor imaging wins photo competition

An MRI scan using diffusion tensor imaging of a mouse kidney has won publisher BMC’s "Research in progress" photo competition, which included more than 370 entrants.

Nian Wang of the Center for In Vivo Microscopy at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, captured the image, which she called, “Kidney Rainbow.” 

"It's my great honor to receive this award,” Wang said in a prepared statement. “The image shows the complex 3D tubular structures of a mouse kidney. It was taken at the Center for In Vivo Microscopy, where our research focuses on developing novel MRI methods to detect tissue microstructures. The non-destructive nature of MRI and its ability to assess the renal microstructure in 3D make it a promising tool to understand the complex structures of the renal system."

“The as yet unseen detail and striking colors in this image very much appealed to our judges,” Rachel Burley, publishing director for BMC and SpringerOpen ,said in the same statement. “For us, it demonstrates the ability of science and research to offer new perspectives on aspects of life that are familiar to everyone but whose details are still being explored, leading to fascinating new discoveries. It also shows how unexpected beauty can be revealed almost as a side-effect of a researcher's main work."