MSU names radiologist head of precision health initiative

Radiologist Anna Moore, PhD, is now the director of the Precision Health Program and assistant dean in the college of human medicine at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, the school has announced.

Previously a professor of radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Moore, in her new role, will emphasize genetic screening and risk assessment to detect and treat disease as early as possible.

“As diseases develop, the costs increase dramatically and the treatment options are more limited,” Moore said in a prepared statement. “Therefore, we will develop tools and technologies that will be used to detect disease early, allowing for more effective options that are less costly. This approach will serve to better distribute health care to underserved populations and save more lives.”

Her previous research has focused on theranostics, an emerging field that combines targeted therapy based on specialized diagnostic testing. Moore studied an image-guided cancer therapy that will soon enter clinical trials.

“Great resources combined with enthusiasm and support from administration is why I came to MSU,” Moore said. “And the fact that Cisplatin, the most prescribed therapy for treating cancer in the U.S., was invented at MSU, compels me to continue this tradition of research excellence.”