NHS hospital accused of blacklisting experienced radiologists during staff shortage

Hospital executives at NHS Highland in Scotland have been accused of blacklisting experienced radiologists and refusing to hire them even though the hospital has been experiencing a staffing shortage.

According to a recent report from the Scottish daily media outlet The Herald, three former consultant radiologists had approached the hospital’s health board expressing their desire to work at NHS Highland amid a change in management in December.

However, all were turned down, according to the article, including one who had an existing job offer rescinded after commenting publicly on the “bullying row.”  

The issue comes after NHS Highland whistleblowers wrote to The Herald in September to raise awareness over the hospital’s alleged culture of “fear and intimidation” coming from “the very top” of the organization, which is now the subject of a Scottish Government-commissioned review led by John Sturrock QC.  

The Herald obtained records showing that, in September 2018, NHS Highland had 12 consultant radiologists, but five vacancies.  

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