Radiologist named to leadership position at GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer

Radiologist Debra S. Dyer, MD, has joined the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, a new patient advocacy group, as a member of its Scientific Leadership Board.

The foundation formed after two existing entities, the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and the Lung Cancer Alliance, joined forces to help patients. Dyer, a thoracic radiologist at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, currently serves as the chair of the American College of Radiology’s Lung Cancer Screening 2.0 Subcommittee.

“I’m thrilled to bring my experience, resources and commitment to educating patients, increasing screening and saving more lives,” Dyer said in a prepared statement. “Together, we can give patients hope, propel innovative research and open doors for patients to gain more control of their health and improve their quality of life.”

According to the statement, the GO2 Foundation’s goal is to be “the ‘go-to’ local and global resource and advocate for the millions of people who are vulnerable, at risk, diagnosed or otherwise impacted by or impacting lung cancer.” More information is available on the group’s website.