Radiologists rarely provide such testimony, posing challenges when confronted by an experienced attorney, experts wrote Wednesday. 

The nation's largest commercial insurer recently started forcing physicians to jump through extra hoops before getting paid for certain outpatient services. 

Doc groups believe the title change is "clearly an attempt" to move the PA profession toward independent practice. 

Absent passage of HR 3657, the profession is “in peril,” with RAs losing their jobs and left unable to practice to the full extent of their training, advocates said Monday. 

The two tech giants have now cleared a key hurdle to completing their merger, company officials revealed recently. 

"This study shows what many radiologists probably already expect: That private insurers have instituted broad prior authorization policies," one expert told Radiology Business

Pylarify is a F 18-labeled, prostate-specific membrane antigen targeted PET agent used to pinpoint suspected metastasis or recurrence of the disease. 

Most nonhospital-based groups fall outside of the new CMS rule, but there’s still an opportunity to adopt this mindset and attract new customers, experts wrote recently. 

A government watchdog said the miss was solely attributed to the radiologist, with “no contributing systemic or other issues.” 

Rad involvement in these value-minded care-coordination efforts leapt threefold, preparing members of the specialty to take on downside risk while strengthening bonds with hospital partners.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is accepting feedback from the field through June 17. 

The final rule would eliminate lag time between the FDA approving new technology and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services paying for it.