California’s breast density legislation extended through 2025

Legislation to extend California’s breast density reporting bill has been signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown, ensuring the law will remain in place through 2025. The legislation, SB-1034, was first introduced by Sen. Holly J. Mitchell.

“This is potentially life-saving information for the women of California,” patient advocate Amy Colton, a nurse from Santa Cruz, California, said in a prepared statement from “While our hopes were for a complete repeal of the sunset clause, we are grateful California women will continue to receive information about their breast density and its implications for cancer detection and risk. The notification provides a foundation for the continued, critical conversation between patients and physicians to increase early detection.”

According to a survey of more than 500 women published back in May by Are You Dense and Are You Dense Advocacy, 95 percent of respondents wanted the law to remain in place. Eighty-eight percent said they would rather know their breast density than not know it.

In addition, the survey found that 68 percent of respondents learned about their breast tissue type by speaking with a healthcare provider. Fifty-nine percent of the respondents with dense breasts said they had discussed their screening options with a healthcare provider.