Congress pushes for TRICARE beneficiaries to receive DBT screening coverage

Members of Congress have urged the Military Health System (MHS) to cover digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) for all active and retired military personnel who take part in the TRICARE health insurance program.

In a letter dated July 19, dozens of congressmen and congresswomen noted that they are “alarmed” that DBT is still not covered for TRICARE beneficiaries and their dependents.

“The absence of a policy that covers DBT screening endangers our nation’s servicemembers, military family members and veterans,” according to the letter.

The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) has issued a statement in support of this letter, noting that “TRICARE remains one of the few payers in the country that lacks coverage for DBT screening.”

“It is crucial that all women with dense breast tissue, including those covered by TRICARE, have access to the screening they need to mitigate their risk of not detecting a cancer,” said Patrick Hope, executive director of MITA, said in a prepared statement. “MITA is proud to support this effort and applauds these lawmakers who are standing up for expanded access to this advanced, life-changing screening technology.”